Name: Dale  Callan
Department: Digital Evidence (Public Safety Division)
     Forensics-American Academy of Applied Forensics (Public Safety Division)
Title: Program Developer, CCE
Office Location:
Criminal Justice, 120A
Merancas Campus
Phone Number: (704) 330-4171
Fax Number: (704) 330-4130
Email Address:
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The American Academy of Applied Forensics has two main program areas, General Forensics and Digital Forensics. Dale Callan currently oversees General Forensics He is responsible for developing new courses, recruiting expert instructors, budget, marketing,course set up and Online instruction. He also oversees the purchasing of both digital and general forensic equipment, supplies and software.
Educational Background:
B.A. Political Science
Firearms training
Flash Drive collection
Other Information:
Special Agent, US Army Intelligence: 1970-1973
U.S. Postal Inspector: 1975-2004
Firearms Instructor: 1980-2004
NC Private Investigator: 2004-2005
AAAF/CPCC Forensic Academy: 2005-Present

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