Name: LaTrease  N  Quigley
Department: BLET-Basic Law Enforcement Training
Title: Instructional Office Assistant
Office Location:
Criminal Justice, 107
Merancas Campus
Phone Number: (704) 330-4110
Fax Number: (704) 330-4130
Email Address:
Note: If you email a CPCC employee and the message bounces-back or is undeliverable, please try to contact the individual by telephone, in person, or by other means.
* Maximize utilization and effective management of the Director of Basic Law Enforcement Training in a confidential and professional manner.
* Compiles data from a wide variety of sources for the purpose of preparing reports, making recommendations; and/or preparing information for the program.
* Coordinates a wide variety of projects, functions and/or program components for the purpose of completing activities and/or delivering services in a timely fashion.
* Corresponds with vendors regarding errors and/or open purchase orders for the purpose of timely receipt and maintenance of statements and invoices.
* Processes a wide variety of documents and materials (e.g. time sheets, requisitions, travel reimbursements, budget transfers, entering purchase orders, coding of invoices, sub sheets for federal programs, etc.) for the purpose of disseminating information in compliance with administrative guidelines and/or regulatory requirements and ensuring the accuracy of the request and the availability of funds.
* Attends meetings and in-service presentations for the purpose of acquiring and/or conveying information relative to job functions.
* Distributes materials (e.g. mail, checks, supplies, messages, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring delivery to addressee.
* Prepares standardized documents (e.g. form letters and memos, calendars, bulletins, etc.) for the purpose of communicating information to other parties.
* Schedule appointments and coordinate arrangements for meetings/ conferences.


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